Cosita Divina CD


A vibrant Latin Fiesta, this self-funded, self-produced album, explores Emma’s love for the Latin-Jazz crossover, combining Spanish, Portuguese and English vocals. She has ventured away from the swinging jazz classics to take you on a colourful musical journey, accompanied by a jam-packed horn section, some gleeful percussion, with tender string moments highlighted on a Beatles classic. Emma has penned some original tracks on this album alongside some classic Latin tunes for you to enjoy.

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  1. Batacuda
  2. Cosita Divina
  3. Crickets Sing Anamaria
  4. Samba da Minha Terra
  5. Dònde Estabus Tù?
  6. Cu Cu Cu Ru
  7. Afro Blue
  8. Mas Queda Nada
  9. And I Love Her
  10. Quizás Quizás Quizás
  11. Half a Minute