ARIA Award Nomination!

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Well, to say I’m feeling quite chuffed would have to be an understatement!
Im away on a little break at the moment and I’ve received news that the official
ARIA award nominations for this year have just been released.
I’ve had my socks well and truly knocked off!
My self funded/self produced little independent project “Cosita Divina” has been nominated for Best Jazz Album, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

This album was a true labor of love for me.
I dreamt about how I’d make it come to fruition, and I’m so very fortunate to have been surrounded by such supportive friends and bloody amazing musicians, all of whom made this album come to life.

Huge thanks to everyone who was involved in every aspect.
To all the musicians who played on this album, thank you so very much for all your incredible talents!
How lucky I am that you say ‘yes’ when asked to work with me ? (Daryl C not tagged but totally included! )

Thanks to Ilan Kidron and Jonathan Zwartz for our fabulously fun co writing sessions which led to the original tracks on this album, including the title track. I love making music with you guys!

To Phil Stack for believing in me and encouraging me to go ahead with this project, and for helping me produce it.
Love ya Stacka xx

Thanks to Simon Cohen for being such a legend recording the tracks and mixing his butt off! #soydip
Richard Belkner for your awesomeness recording two of the tracks for me.
Thanks mate!
To the ever lovely Kathy Naunton for her incredible mastering ears and kind kind heart.

Special thanks to Ross James IrwinMatt KeeganNaomi Crellin and Eany Coopy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kurt Sneddon for being a total BOSS when it comes to all my pics, and the gorgeously talented Laura Baxter for her original hand drawn dreamy cover art.

I am thankful to ARIA for this nomination.
I’m amongst very fine company in this category, and I look up to and admire every artist that I’m standing beside.
Whatever the outcome, I’m just super thrilled to have been nominated!

Here’s cheers to being fortunate enough to be able to live a life making music!

Emma ❤️??